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HAYLO Harley Hail
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Call me any of these names Haylo, Harley, or Hail.
I am a hobbies Artist, I live in Australia, Sydney.
Ok this book really bugged the first thing being how many chars they killed off after the great battle with the dark Forrest, then I was really annoyed with the constant traveling back and fourth grabbing supplies, after the big storm and flood threw most the story, it was getting a bit boring with the constant problems, of bedding being wet and traveling around looking for supply's, and not to mention the ridiculous death of seedpaw, I MEAN COMON!! she was not under the water long enough to drown in my opinion, and the only thing that makes sense to me on how she died under water was if the stick or log or what ever she was trying to untie her sister from must of hit her in the head and knocked her unconscious and she drowned... but what annoys me the most is how fast it happened.. I just hated that death, it just happened to fast... and made no sense, and what also annoyed me about it was Sorreltail gave her life to make sure her kits were fed avoiding treatment from jay and leaf, so she could make sure they got enough milk to be healthy and strong, then Seedpaw dies... 
Also their are to many mistakes in this book, the worst has to be when Greystripe retires to the elders den starts talking about his life durring the ceremony, he speaks about how proud he is about his son storm and silverstream, but then he starts talking about Mistystar, saying how proud he is of his dauhter for becoming the leader of river clan.... SAY WHAT?!!? HIS DAUGHTER? MISTYSTAR....  haha no  and their are alot of other mistakes as well.... very annoying.

Things started to get interesting when kittypet Jessie joined the thunderclan cats, I loved her character, tough, witty, quick learner, very feisty, A GREAT HUNTER with her own tactics, and always was ready to show the clan cats how she was just as good as them despite her kittypet roots, I was getting a bit worried that her and Bramblestar were getting to close, and they almost became mates!! I was freaking out Noooo please love Surrielflight again please, as much as I loved Jessy I did not want to see her and bramble get together, and reading how Bramblestar was thinking about a future with her as his mate was driving me nuts ><", but at the end even tho she was a clan cat at heart she chose to leave because she didn't want to deter/make him have to choose between her and Squirrelfight, so she decided to leave so he could be with the cat he has always shared a bond with, YAY happy Haylo.
I was not to thrilled about dustpelts death either, seemed a bit, I dunno off, just happened to quick, but meh.
I loved the new rule addition to the warrior code, that was beautiful, and gave bramblestar a Legacy, of his OWN, which was great because he really needed something to separated himself form being compared to firestar all the time.
ANNNNNNNNNNNNND then Dove and bumble broke up GOOD!! It was not fair for Dove to use Bumble to try and help herself mentally prove she is loyal to thunder clan when all she thinks about if Tigerheart, I mean don't get me wrong I love Dove but I feel she accepted to be mates with bumble in order to prove to herself where her loyalties lie, not meaning to hurt him, but in a way she dose end up hurting the poor tom, but I'm glad they split.
and I saved the best part for last!! I have been waiting years for this!!
After BamblesStorm ended I was disappointed because I wanted Squirrel and Bramble to have kits FOR SOOOO DAMN LONG!!! and after reading Leafpools wish, I just thought it was never going to happen when Yellowfang said she was barren (not able to have kits) BUT!! at the end of the book is a little manga bonus, and it's about squrrielflight, she becomes a bit sick and sluggish and she couldn't figure out what was going on with her, sleeping in and forgetting about her duties as deputy, I was getting so excited! are my guess going to happen? I was so impatient I read threw so fast!! Squrreilflight went to Leafpool, and leafpool suggested somthing about expecting kits but squirrelflight said that it's not possible because of what Yellowfang told them, about her not being able to have kits.
Then Squrreilflight went out the camp to think, with bramble soon following, she sattheirall depressed and confused, then yellowfang appeared and apologized for tricking her in to thinking she was barren, because she was just so worried Squirrelflight wouldn't take care of Holly,Jay,Lion.
Squirrielflight smiled at bramblestar and told him she was expecting his kitsDancing Buizel  FINALLY!!!!!!!! THE ENDING WAS GREAT!!! I so happy whoopeeMiuna Crying Icon  

anyways my little rant is over   

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